The interior design of your custom home literally can make or break it. Most custom homes are bare so homeowners are usually in a scramble to fill it up with furniture. However, poor choices lead to a poorly organized and clutter prone space.  Here are some interior design suggestions to consider for your custom home.

Pick Paint Colors First

According to home builder Plymouth Minnesota experts, when designing a custom home it is important that you select your paint colors first before your furniture.  The reason for this is it will be quite difficult to match furniture to an already painted wall than the other way around.  It is recommended to start with the sofas by bringing along some fabric swatches to the paint store in order to help with the palette selection.  You may want to bring several paint swatches home and test it in the area you want. Do test out several shades of your preferred color on the walls before letting the contractor begin the work. While it is true that paint swatches are accurate, the natural lighting at different times of the day is another and will affect the wall colors. Leave the paint swatches on for at least 24 hours before you select the final one.

Budget Properly

If you have a custom home, chances are you might try to splurge on your furniture thinking a brand new house will require all brand new furnishings. While this is true at some point it is not mandated that you buy everything all at once.  Do make out a budget and stick with it. Remember that a well-decorated room is not made overnight so it is ok to go slow and build your collection.

Showcase your Windows

According to new home construction Maple Grove​, it is always a good thing to get as much natural light as possible to fill a room, as there is nothing that looks drab than a room that lacks the proper lighting.  Low hanging curtain rods are a mistake, as these should be hung as close to the ceiling so as to establish a sense of height. Rods that are hung too low are also a problem because they make the ceiling look lower than it actually is and the room smaller.

Never back furniture against the Walls

By far, this is the most common mistake a lot of new homeowners make. What you should do however is to push your furnishings together in order to establish an intimate setup that is perfect for conversation. By doing so you will establish a flow that will allow people to move about freely.