Tips for garage door installation in Minnesota

Garage doors are complicated devices that should not be installed by a novice. Although there are many online resources like videos on how-to install a garage door on your own, we believe that you still need to leave the installation to professional garage door installers. Garage doors are not only heavy they are also quite cumbersome. Aside from risking your own personal safety, one nick, slip or drop can make your garage door kit unusable leaving you with having to spend more money. Moreover, you could void your warranty should you try to install your door as a DIY project.

If you insist doing garage door installation in Minnesota on your own, better read up on your manual. There is a huge chance that by not utilizing a licensed and experienced garage door installation services professional you could be headed to a lot of headaches later. This is regardless of whether the installation was correct or the malfunction was not as a result of what you did.

Safety First Before Beginning A Garage Door Installation in Minnesota

Safety first when beginning a garage door installation in Minnesota

When it comes to garage door installation in Minnesota, safety is number one priority. Read up first on the instructions very carefully and watch a reliable online video a few times before you try to attempt to do the work yourself. Also, do not work alone. Be sure to have a friend or two around, as there is no chance you can install it all by your lonesome. Many a times we have received calls from frantic homeowners asking us to rescue them from installing their garage door on their own.

Age and Condition of the Door

Check the old door before a garage door installation in Miinesota

Older garage doors are heavy and they can weigh for up to 450 pounds. When you consider the weight and breadth as well as with malfunctioning or outdated hardware, you need to be super careful when attempting to remove that vintage door. Determine which kind of spring you’re dealing with whether torsion or extension. The former happens to be the safest and simplest to disconnect. The extension springs on the other hand are a little more dangerous. More so if they do not have the cable installed. For this part it might just be wise to hire a pro to at least provide the spring release for you.

Look for Garage Doors with Modern Safety Features

Check for safety features in new garage door installation in Minnesota

The best way you can protect not just you but your loved ones from garage door installation in Minnesota injuries is to replace your door with a high-end model that contain some of the best security features available. Security features like lightweight material used for doors limiting the weight to not more than 200 lbs. Addition of a pinch resistant section design that can prevent pinched arms and fingers as these injuries can sometimes lead to amputation. Containment cables that run through springs so as to prevent the deadly whip effect of a sprung spring. The integration of an automatic door sensor that automatically reverses the direction of the door if it detects any signs of resistance.

Hardware Replacement

When you are doing a garage door installation in Minnesota you might as well replace the entire system. This can help ensure that your door will work as efficiently and as quietly as it can. Moreover, it will also extend the time you need to bring out the stepladder for another repair or maintenance procedure.

New Weather Stripping

If you replace the door, it is recommended that you also install new weather stripping too. The reason is to improve the door seal. Aside from keeping the garage free of moisture and dust, you will also notice that a properly sealed garage door can also reduce the amount of money you need to spend on cooling and heating the interior of your home.

When sealed properly and insulated it can help buffer the door from outside temperatures. Wind and rain may easily infiltrate the garage through unsealed cracks and crevices. Cold drafts can detract from interior home comfort. Do check the weather stripping and insulated seal on the door going from the garage to your home and replace as needed.

Teach Kids about Garage Door Safety

Teach kids garage door installation in Minnesota safety

Most of the time it is the kids that are the victims in most garage door accidents sometimes leading to death. It is vital that the garage door opener is at least five feet up on the wall so it is out of reach of kids. Teach kids about doors by emphasizing that it is not a toy. Maintain a rule that kids should never be allowed to play directly under or around the garage door opener. If they use the opener insist that they stay clear of the door while it is moving.