Planning a custom home soon and want to integrate green features into it?  If so there is a right way and wrong way to go about the entire process. Do it right, and you lessen your carbon footprint. Do it wrong and you contribute to the destruction of the polar ice caps. According to New home communities Big Lake MN experts, careful thought and consideration needs to be done from the foundation to the roof work and everything else in between.  Here are some green recommendations you can put into your custom home.

Build only what you need

House that is too big with lots of unutilized space will of course cost more to maintain, heat and cool. All homeowners need to really examine the lifestyle they live when planning a custom home design to ensure only the most necessary features are included in the design no more, no less. Also in the same vein, planning ahead is also wise. If you have plans of having a family or take care of elderly relatives make sure to accommodate the necessary resources into place.

Choose the Correct Location

Location, location, location is a buzzword that people should never forget whenever they are looking for a place to live. If you are considering the environment, constructing a new home in the middle of a lovely countryside may upset the ecological balance in the area. It can displace local wildlife or eliminate them completely. Think before you construct.

Solar Energy

What is a green home without solar energy? Not a green home. All green homes integrate solar energy at some degree or another. According to custom home builder Plymouth Minnesota by installing the front portion of the property due south, you instantly lower energy costs by as much as 10%.  Place the majority of your windows on the south end and then install overhangs and awnings during the summer to shield from the hot sun. Use materials that absorb the heat of the sun and radiate it.  Plant lots of trees near the property in order to establish a natural shade. Use skylights for natural light during the day.