There’s a saying: “Just because it can be done, does not mean you should do it.” These words of wisdom can guide you when it comes to choosing home renovations for your home. Let it be your mantra to help you avoid those projects that only look good but do not offer any practical sense. Installing for an additional bathroom or redoing the kitchen may be quite sensible projects but installing a pool provide very little in terms of return. Here are some home renovation projects that you definitely should avoid doing.

Things You Need To Avoid In Outdoor Kitchen Home Renovations

Things to avoid in outdoor kitchen home renovations

The average cost of an outdoor kitchen is somewhere between twelve to fifteen thousand dollars. Good reason enough to avoid perhaps? Unless you are really going to use it, there is really not much value in having one. What you should do instead is to buy a nice gas grill if and when you feel the itch to grill something. If you are still pining for an outdoor upgrade, you can do well with installing better exterior lighting.

Things You Need To Avoid In In-Ground Swimming Pool Home Renovations

things to avoid in in-ground swimming pool home renovations

The fantasy you get is seeing yourself float aimlessly and sipping drinks while staying cool during the summer. The reality of the matter is that swimming pools are literally just money pits where you will have to spend somewhere around $17,000 to $45,000 for concrete installation and thousands of dollars more just to insure, maintain and secure. No matter how much you think you’ll use it, you probably will not use it that much after the initial hype.

Things You Need To Avoid In In-Ground Spa Home Renovations

things to avoid in in ground spa home renovations

The fantasy most people have on why they want this for their home is to see themselves sipping wine and having their sore muscles soothed in the company of friends while being enveloped in a sea of bubbles and warm water. The reality is that they cost nearly as much as a pool around fifteen to twenty thousand dollars. They cost around a dollar a day for chemicals and electricity. You also will need to purchase a cover in order to keep children, pets and leaves off. The bottom line is that unless you have a disorder or condition that needs you to undergo hydrotherapy on a regular basis, you will not need to use your spa as much as you think you would. The alternative is to just purchase a portable tub somewhere around a thousand to two thousand dollars to soothe your tired muscles. The great thing about it is you can take it with you if you need to move.


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